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Why Should You Go To Hajj Before Old Age {Interesting}

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Why Should You Go To Hajj Before Old Age

In this video we discussed, why should we go to Hajj before old age, and amazingly this webinar is interesting and so much needed for Muslim Ummah, so please watch the whole video and enjoy!

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Ustadh Shabbir Hassan is a graduate of the Alimiyyah programme at Ebrahim College in London, where he also completed the Dawrah Al-Hadith programme. Ustadh completed Hifdh of the Quran at age 12. He is currently pursuing an MA in Islamic Studies from the University of Warwick. Ustadh Shabbir is the founder of TheNikahCo. He is also a facilitator at Faith Space UK, an instructor at Q-Iman and a podcast host with Ilmfeed. He is a trustee at Pilgrim and he also provides educational video content and print publications with us.

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