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Want guidance on Pilgrimage?

Pilgrim’s vision is for every Muslim to answer to the call of Ibrahim (AS).

We’re building an organisation which is dedicated to building resources, products and programmes which benefit the Pilgrims of the future, you, your children and generations to come.

This includes a platform which contains all the information you need on Hajj and Umrah. Regular videos and stories which inspire the youth to make Hajj their goal, content and articles that educate the professional to fulfil their obligation now, not later and guides that support those on the journey, fulfil it with ease.

Our work is driven by the vision of a world where every Muslim can fulfil their obligation to their lord.


Visit The Umrah Fund: https://thepilgrim.co/umrah-fund/

Visit Our Knowledge Corner: https://thepilgrim.co/videos/

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